Healing Journey

Heal Your Inner Child

DID YOU KNOW, True healing starts ?????????Being anxious, mad, sad are programs the ???????????? ???? uses to facilitate anxeity, anger and depression. These feelings and thoughts are clear directions inward to the wounds that need to heal. The human experience is the ability to feel emotion, our soul allows us to experience unforeseen forces. We must gain control in all realms; the ????????? & ???????????? ????. Truly becoming the masters of ourselves. Be liberated from your darkness by acknowledging your pain. [...]


Cleaning Your Home Is The First Step In Your Wellness Journey

DID YOU KNOW??? Cleaning your home is the first step in getting your life back together.⠀ ??????????? is next to ?????????!!! Low vibrational, bad energies are attracted to filth and clutter.⠀If you are in a constant state of fear, depression, negative self-talk, anxiety, lack of energy, anger etc. Start your wellness journey by gaining control over your living environment, create a sacred space. ??????? your home from your walls and floors using a ??????? ?????, ?????ℎ & ??? ???? water [...]


Purifying Spiritual Bath

How Is Your Energy? Have you been feeling like you’re not your usual self lately? Have you been attracting a lot of negative energy or things just not going the way you intended? Do you have a troubling past, a lot of failed relationships? Are you constantly feeling tired, down and out, are you not happy with your life? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, a Purifying Spiritual Bath is a great way to purify and balance [...]